VAMO Features:

Vamo V3
  • Variable Voltage from 3.0V to 6.0V. Adjustable with 0.1 increments.
  • Variable Wattage from 3W to 15W. Adjustable with 0.5W increments.
  • New OLED screen for better viewing.
  • Lock protection. Five clicks to turn ON and OFF the device.
  • Max Armature Current 5A.
  • Reverse battery protection. Device will not work if battery is installed backwards.
  • Battery Monitor shuts OFF when battery reaches end of charge.
  • Amperage is limited to protect against situation of overcurrent.
  • Thermal Monitoring System shuts down the device automatically when temperature is too high.
  • Suitable for atomizers with resistance from 1.5 to 5.0 ohm.
  • Overload Protection shuts device OFF when working over 10 seconds.
  • Indicates Low Resistance when resistance is under 1.2 ohm.
  • Indicates Low V when battery requires charging.