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Following the success of its predecessor, the VAMO 40 is enhanced with new circuit design and is capable of pushing the output power to 40 watt. It supports Sub-Ohm atomizers to as low as 0.5 ohm resistance. In addition, STEAM VAMO 40 is equipped with our unique Spring-loaded, retractable contact pin to prevent the contact pin damages which are commonly occurred in standard E-cig battery and mods.      




  • Variable Wattage from 3W to 40W. Adjustable with 0.5W increments.
  • OLED screen for better viewing.
  • Displays atomizer resistance, battery level, output setting and puff count
  • Lock protection. Five clicks to turn ON and OFF the device.
  • Reverse battery protection. Device will not work if battery is installed backwards.
  • Short Circuit protection.
  • Atomizer low resistance protection.
  • Setting memory prevents your settings to be wiped off cleared when battery power is interrupted.
  • Thermal Monitoring System shuts down the device automatically when temperature is too high.
  • Support Sub-Ohm atomizers to 0.5 ohm resistance minimum.
  • Overload Protection shuts device OFF when working over 10 seconds.
  • Indicates Low Resistance when resistance is under 1.2 ohm.
  • Over Voltage protection indicates “HHHHHH” when battery voltage exceeds 9V.
  • Low Voltage protection indicates “Low Voltage” when battery voltage is below 3.4V (single battery), or 6.0V (dual batteries).