STM-50 silde (910x390) 180P web2

Refined from our highly acclaimed STM-2 advanced vaping system, the new STM-50 has plenty of power to drive a Sub Ohm atomizer. STM-50 structure remains very versatile and offers 7 attractive colors to meet everyone’s preference. The new STM-50 is upgraded with our Spring Retractable Contact Pin to reduce common pin contact failure problem.



Battery Low Voltage Protection

Protects your battery from draining completely and increases the lifespam of the battery.

Atomizer Short protection

Protects your device in events of atomizer coil is shorted.

18650 Battery interchangable

The rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery can be easily changed whenever you wish.

Supports Sub Ohm to 0.2Ω

Allows low Sub Ohm atomizers to be used on this device.

OLED display

Bright light display for easy reading.

50W Output Power

The device is capable of producing up to 50W of true power to handle most atomizers today.

Spring retractable contact pin

It reduces common problem where the contact pin fails over time and short-circuits the device.

Short Circuit Protection

In the event of short circuit, the device stops working immediately to prevent damage to the device.

Circuit Overload Protection

When battery output is unexpectedlly over limit, the device stops to prevent damage to the device.




STM-50(all-color) 700w


STM-2 is offered in two different finishes. Besides standard version in attractive chrome finish, STM-2 is also available in Pearl finish to reduce smudges, finger prints, and is also less obvious to small scratches.