STM-2 silde 3 (910x390)


Refined from our highly acclaimed STM-1 advanced vaping system, the new STM-2 is enhanced with next level of circuit protection. STM-2 structure is also redesigned to be even more versatile. The new features include interchangeable battery tube design to allow use of optional 18350 type battery, added EGO thread to accept both 510 type and EGO type atomizers and 7 new attractive colors to meet everyone’s preference.




Variable Voltage Variable Voltage – Adjustable from 3.0V to 6.0V (0.1V increments) Variable Wattage Variable Wattage – Adjustable from 3W to 15W (0.5W increments)
Intelligent Calculation Intelligent Control Module
calculates the correct output based on atomizer resistance (in VW mode)
Short Circuit Protection
Short Circuit Protection
device shuts OFF in the event of short circuit
Overload Protection Overload Protection
auto shuts OFF when working over 10 second
Lock Protection Lock Protection – prevents accidental switch ON
Atomizer Circuit Protection Atomizer Short Protection
device shuts OFF when atomizer is shorted
Low Voltage Protection Low Voltage Protection
protects battery from low voltage damage
Check Atty Output Check Atomizer Output Voltage
displays current voltage output of atomizer
Check Atomizer ohm Check Atomizer Resistance
detects and display resistance of atomizer
Check Battery Check Battery Level
displays current battery level
Check Battery Output Check Battery Output Voltage
displays current battery voltage
Low Battery Indicator Low Battery Indication
low voltage warning when battery is below 5%
Record Puffs
Record for Puffs – device keeps record of puffs taken until reset






Exterior Finishes


STM-2 is offered in two different finishes. Besides standard version in attractive chrome finish, STM-2 is also available in Pearl finish to reduce smudges, finger prints, and is also less obvious to small scratches.


Deluxe Kit Content

The STM-2 Deluxe kit is packed with essential accessories to get you started right away. To match the quality standard of STM-2, all accessories we bundled in the kit are top quality and very reliable. The STM-2 Deluxe Kit includes:


One unit – STEAM STM-2 Advance mod

Two units – Samsung ICR-18650-26F (2600 mah) Li-Ion batteries

One unit – Single slot 18650 Li-Ion battery charger with auto shut off and battery reverse protection

One unit – Pouch Lanyard

One unit – Fine quality gift case