STM-1 silde (910x390)


Combining all advanced features of electronic cigarettes today, STM-1 is designed with an elegant look and high quality components. Unlike most other devices of its category, STM-1 has higher output power to produce more vapor and brings out the flavor of your eLiquid. On an exact same atomizer, STM-1 generally requires lower voltage and wattage settings than other 18650 type vaping devices to achieve similar or even better results.

In addition to its great performance, STM-1 is also enhanced with complete protection circuit design. It protects not only the device itself, but the atomizer and battery as well. In the event of a glitch, the device stops automatically to prevent damage to your device and accessories. We firmly believe that you will come to appreciate the quality and fine craftsmanship once you try it.


Variable Voltage Variable Voltage –
Adjustable from 3.0V to 6.0V (0.1V increments)
Variable Wattage Variable Wattage –
Adjustable from 3W to 15W (0.5W increments)
Intelligent Calculation Intelligent Control Module
calculates the correct output based on atomizer resistance (in VW mode)
Short Circuit Protection Auto Short Circuit Protection
device shuts OFF in the event of short circuit
Overload Protection Overload Protection
auto shuts OFF when working over 10 second
Lock Protection Lock Protection –
prevents accidental switch ON
Atomizer Circuit Protection Atomizer Short Protection
device shuts OFF when atomizer is shorted
Low Voltage Protection Low Voltage Protection
protects battery from low voltage damage
Check Atty Output Check Atomizer Output Voltage
displays current voltage output of atomizer
Check Atomizer ohm Check Atomizer Resistance
detects and display resistance of atomizer
Check Battery Check Battery Level
displays current battery level
Check Battery Output Check Battery Output Voltage
displays current battery voltage
Low Battery Indicator Low Battery Indication
low voltage warning when battery is below 5%
Record Puffs Record for Puffs –
device keeps record of puffs taken until reset

Product Safety Design

We take product safety very seriously in our design. We understand that electronic cigarette users are widely concerned about the battery explosions being reported. In STM-1, the internal circuit is limited to 4 amps current. In any extreme situation where the battery cell becomes unstable or overheat, the circuit will go out first before explosion is ever possible. Of course, to avoid such incident is best to start with good quality, reliable batteries. The Li-Ion batteries included in our Deluxe kit are well know for its quality.


STM-1 illustration 2