STEAM Rhino 60 Mod

STM-2 silde 3 (910x390)


Combine the latest technology of high power mod with a stylish solid metal body, the STEAM Rhino 60 mod is designed for your day to day vaping needs. The new Rhino 60 mod is packed with all advance features, and is fully tested for its reliability. To make Rhino one of the toughest mods in the market today, we have the Rhino made entirely with solid metal, from the main body construction down to its tiny buttons, are machine-crafted from metal. This device is a true combination of unique style, performance, durability and fine workmanship that no other mass production mods can come close.


Battery Low Voltage Protection

Protects your battery from draining completely and increases the lifespam of the battery.

Atomizer Short protection

Protects your device in events of atomizer coil is shorted.

18650 Battery interchangable

The rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery can be easily changed whenever you wish.

Supports Sub Ohm to 0.2Ω

Allows low resistance Sub Ohm atomizers to be used on this device.

OLED display

Bright light display for easy reading.

Pass through USB port for direct charging

The USB port of the device allows charging and vaping at the same time.

Unibody Metal Enclosure

The main body of the device is constructed with an entire piece of metal, making the structure super strong.

60W Output Power

The device is capable of producing up to 60W of true power to handle most atomizers today.

Spring retractable contact pin

It reduces common problem where the contact pin fails over time and short-circuits the device.

Short Circuit Protection

In the event of short circuit, the device stops working immediately to prevent damage to the device.

Temperature monitoring Protection

When operating temperature increases to an abnormal point, the device stops to prevent damage to the device.

Circuit Overload Protection

When battery output is over limit unexpectedly, the device stops to prevent damage to the device.

Quick Access Button Functions

Direct access to quickly shut down the device or lock Up/Down keys by pressing buttons combinations.


The STEAM Rhino 60 kit is packed with essential accessories to get you started right away. To match the quality standard of STEAM Rhino 60, all accessories we bundled in the kit are top quality and very reliable.

The STEAM Rhino Kit includes:

One unit – STEAM Rhino 60 advanced mod

One unit – LG DBHE218650 Li-Ion 18650 battery (installed)

One unit – High impedance Micro USB cable

One unit – User Manual



My new Rhino mod is not working during first use.

STEAM Rhino mod is shipped with device completely shut down for transportation safety. Please press and hold VAPE and DOWN buttons together for 5 seconds, you should see OLED screen come on.

Occasionally, we will place a little round sticker at the negative (-) end of the 18650 battery to further ensure power cut off. Please remove the sticker before first use.

When mounting atomizer, How tight should I turn?

The Rhino mod is equipped with Spring Retractable contact pin and it will start making contact even when the atomizer is not fully screwed into the 510 connector. When mounting the atomizer, we recommend you to turn the atomizer to a point that is lightly tightened where the atomizer would not wiggle. Do not over-tighten the atomizer as it could damage the connector’s inner thread permanently.

I plugged my Rhino mod to a USB port and it is not charging.

Some USB ports do not provide enough power to charge. Please make sure the USB port of the source has at least 800 mA of output. Most USB wall adaptors supplied with the cell phones are 1A or higher, and should be enough to charge a Rhino mod.

Can I use any Micro USB cable with my Rhino mod?
Yes, most standard Micro USB cables should work with Rhino. However, please keep in mind that the USB cable supplied with Rhino mod is a high grade USB cable capable of handling the current up to 2A.

My Rhino mod battery cap is tight.

The spring of the Rhino mod battery cap is harder and thicker than usual because we use extra high gauge copper to maximize conductivity and to improve safety. However, it could be a little hard to loosen the battery cap due to the spring’s stiffness. When loosening the battery cap, we suggest pressing the cap while you turn. It would be easier to turn.

Is there any maintenance and care I should perform regularly?

Residuals can build up on the contact pins over time. A dirty contact pin on the Rhino mod’s 510 connector or a dirty contact pin on the bottom of the atomizer could effect or reduce the performance of your devices. Please always make sure the contact pins are cleaned. We suggest using a cotton tip to clean the Rhino mod’s contact pin regularly.