Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

Made of premium quality stainless steel, this rebuildable atomizer is precisely threaded to ensure smooth assembly. It is equipped with adjustable airflow control to enhance your vaping experience. For those advance users who like to build their own coils, this rebuildable atomizer is definitely one of the top choices.

Each retail box comes with:

  • One Rebuildable atomizer (main unit).
  • One optional transparent mid tube section allows observing e-liquid level.
  • One refill bottle with special needle tip to fill atomizer through filling valve.
  • One 510 Mouthpiece adaptor.
  • Two pre-coiled Silica wick and a length of Silica wick.
  • One spare set of O-Rings and screws.
  • One Keychain Screw driver.
  • Instruction manual.