STEAM CarbonX Series

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Premium quality e-cig system made with highest quality components inside. Refined with latest technologies and style, the STEAM CarbonX is attractive and highly reliable for your daily use. The STEAM CarbonX 900V is voltage variable which allows you to adjust the output voltage to drive atomizers with different resistance. In the STEAM CarbonX 900V kit, we bundle it with our performance matching dual coil atomizers to give you the best vaping experience.       




  • Retractable contact pin to prevent connector damage.
  • Made with top quality battery cells from industry leader.
  • Enhanced circuit protection on controller board.
  • High quality carbon fiber tube with glossy coating.
  • Unique pearl finish to reduce fingerprint smudges.


Battery sizes:


CarbonX 900V (900 mAh)
CarbonX 1300V (1300 mAh)
CarbonX 1600V (1600 mAh)


 CarbonX900V available colors (all)Five color to choose from :   Black, Silver, Blue, Purple and Red.



CarbonX 900V kit content

CarbonX 900V kit (web)

2x  STEAM CarbonX 900V variable voltage batteries.

2x  Crystal 2.0 Dual Coil Atomizers.

2x  STEAM silicon suction cup stands.

1x  USB charger cable with overcharge protection.

1x  STEAM pouch lanyard.

1x  STEAM premium carrying case.

1x  Belt hook for pouch lanyard.