Atomizer Coils

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Besides advanced vaping devices and atomizers, we also offer replacement coils by mass production. Each coil is machine wrapped to ensure consistent quality and performance.

Made with high quality silica wicks and A1 grade resistance wire, our coils can produce good amount of flavor-rich vapor, without any burnt taste.


Our standard stock of coils includes:


Atomizer type                    Coil type              Available resistance

Crystal 2.0                          Single coil            2.4 ohm / 2.8 ohm

Protank,                              Single coil            2.4 ohm / 2.8 ohm

Protank Mini                       Single coil            2.4 ohm / 2.8 ohm

Protank 2                            Single coil            2.4 ohm & 2.8 ohm

EVOD                                 Single coil            2.4 ohm

Protank 3                            Dual coil              2.0 ohm


For other coil resistance to meet your requirement, please contact us for more detail.