Steam Electronic Cigarettes

STEAM Electronics Cigarettes (STEAM) is a new division of Image Device (Image Electronics Ltd. ), a reputable electronic manufacturer based in ShenZhen, China. STEAM is committed in innovation, manufacturing and marketing advanced electtonic cigarette products, ranging from popular EGO series, atomizers, to high end advanced vaping systems.

Founded in 1990, Image Device (Image Electronics Ltd.) started its manufacturing in computer peripherals and electronics, as well as metal enclosures. Over the years, the company has earned its reputation in the industry for quality, reliability and cost.

In observing the rapid growth of electronic cigarettes market, Image Device has taken its approach into the industry aggressively. Upon recent acquisition of KDC, an highly innovative firm specialized in e-cig design, STEAM is proud to announce its capability to innovate, design and manufacture, all in one.

We sincerely look forward to the opportunity to team up with businesses in the electronic cigarette market. Retail, distribution and OEM manufacturing are all welcomed.