STM-2 Advanced APV

STM-2 color2


Refined from our popular STM-1 APV, STM-2 is a variable voltage and variable wattage APV device. The new STM-2 is now enhanced with latest design of circuit module for better short circuit protection. It is also compatible with both 510 and EGO atomizers. STM-2 has interchangeable tube design to use 18350 batteries.


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STM-1 Advanced APV







Our new design of advanced vaping system. Based on 18650 Li-Ion battery, STM-1 is a variable voltage and variable wattage APV device. It combines all advanced features and protections of electronic cigarettes today, and better yet, it has higher output power than other 18650 type APV to produce more vapor and brings out the flavor of your eLiquid.


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CigStands for EGO







These suction cup bases allow all EGO type electronic cigarettes to stand upright. Made with quality soft rubber, it provides excellent suction to adhere to flat surfaces firmly. Comes in a variety of colors and can be used on many places, home, office or in the car.


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Crystal 2.0 atomizer







Resistance: 2.4 ohm
Capacity: 2.0 ml
Bottom Coil
Atomizer head replaceable (sold separately)
No leaks
Available in Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Tint and Clear


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